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Tri-fold Cards


My share today is a very simple but personalised tri-fold booklet card.

Lynn 1I just have to share the story behind this card!…My friend Lynn has echinopsis cactus growing amongst her Mexican rosette in her garden…terms I learned because of my friendship with Lynn, lol. When one afternoon she was blessed with a bloom of her echinopsis, she took a picture and, bless her heart, she sent it to me…her budding gardening buddy!

The following day when Lynn went to take what she thought would be a better picture of the flower it was dead!!! Suffice to say that my friend was devastated and naturally she shared the news with me.

As it turns out, echinopsis cucti flower only for a few hours in a day, once a year and mostly at night.

These all happened on a Tuesday, that same Friday was going to be Lynn’s Birthday and that called for a birthday card.  Sometimes when one ponders and pray about a card design for a specific event, a stroke of genius strikes; this was one such time. I had an idea to incorporate Lynn’s echinopsis bloom on her card so that she can enjoy it for as long as she kept the card.Lynn 3

Lynn’s favorite colour is green which worked very well to contrast the pink bloom. The card had to be blank for everyone at the office to sign. I was very please with the outcome!

So the pink flower on the card is the star of this show, around it you see the Maxican Rosette and of course Lynn’s pebbles in between the plants!

Lynn 4I hope that you’re inspired,

Happy crating!

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