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Wedding Stationery


Designing wedding stationery has to be one of the most wonderful ways to challenge handmade card designers! Most brides I’ve worked with seemed unsure of what they were looking for in design style except that it had to be beautiful and elegant; you see this in a range of sample pictures they sent from pinterest. Then I get humbled by the realisation that I am the expect in this field. I have to come up with a design that’ll resonate with each of these bride.

I always enjoy the challenge of getting the feel of each individual bride’s personality and trying to match it to a particular design! A strange way to pass time I know, LOL – but what a joy when I succeed!

This particular design became popular with a few of my clients  recently and oh how I enjoyed playing with the different colour combinations! …and then of cause I designed this matching program which tripled up as table number and menu.

Looking forward to meeting many more brides and designing for them

Happy crafting!

Maroon Batch Blue Batch Pink Batch


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